Glenn Frey with special guests Ross Wilson and John Paul Young at Kings Park and Botanical Gardens. February 24, 2013.

Honestly the best show I’ve been to thus far. John opened the show up with his ‘all star’ band. He performed his own classics; Love Is In The Air, Yesterday’s Hero and I Hate The Music, just to name a few, as well as a couple songs originally recorded by The Easybeats. Next came Ross Wilson performing the greatest hits from his band Daddy Cool. I really enjoyed this set since I already knew most of the songs. I was lucky enough to view all the magic from the very first row and Ross turned and pointed to me during one of his performances and sang “I need you!” The cameras were all on me at this point. I had no idea what to do, so I just sat there and smiled awkwardly! Finally, Glenn Frey arrived with his band and The West Australian Symphony Orchestra. He started the show with Peaceful Easy Feeling, followed by Lyin’ Eyes, which he dedicated to his ex wife (wink wink). He then took things down a notch and performed songs from his latest album, After Hours, as well as some of his personal favourites. The music was very jazzy and mellow and certainly changed the aura of the show. I felt like he was singing me to sleep, but in a good way. Finally, he concluded the show with two more Eagles classics; Tequila Sunrise and Desperado. It was certainly a perfect night and a great way to end the holiday!

Sorry, I don’t know how this turned into a review…

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